Fotis D.


Fotis D.


Analytics Consultant



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Account Leadership


M.Sc. Applied Economics & Finance

What I Do

I joined Accenture in January 2010, and have focused primarily on Customer & Marketing Analytics, serving clients mainly from Telecommunication, Financial Services and CPGs industries.

On Marketing Analytics, my main expertize is to build statistical market models and examine the effectiveness of key marketing activities for a wide portfolio of brands across different product categories. On Customer Analytics, I am mostly engaged with Segmentation and Assortment Optimization projects, helping clients divide their customer base into homogeneous groups with similar values, needs, preferences & affinity, creating targeted products and service offerings at the segment level.

Also, using Attribute Modeling Technics, we can utilize product or service data, in order to estimate the transferable demand between them, as well as the product prioritization and the optimal product distribution and stock.

From May 2011, I am also part of the Media Management unit, leading the analysis team, dedicated to Greek, Turkish and Global clients. I am specialized in the Media Auditing, the Media Agency Pitch Management and the KPIs Setting & Target Tracking services. I am mostly working on client facing roles, comparing media buying performance against pool and industry benchmarks, managing competitive media pitches and setting targets for improvement on media cost and quality baseline, monitoring the agency’s performance.

Day in my Life

The reason I truly love working in Accenture is the everyday challenges we face and the different client scope of work we need to deliver. Actually, there is no “typical day”, but I will try divide my everyday activities into five main categories:

  • Client (or 3rd party) Communication – Daily catch-up calls or face-to-face meetings, ensuring delivery procedures are efficient enough, based on our clients’ needs.

  • Structure Team’s Deliverables – Work closely with the Analysis team, setting the methodology steps, ensure the quality of the deliverables and minimize threats such as delivery delays or rework.

  • Support New Business Meetings – The part of the day that I enjoy the most. Materials preparation, project planning and live presentations contributing to our company’s success and our business expansion.

  • Coach & Counsel – Back in 2010, when I was starting my journey in Accenture, I had the chance to work with great Consultants and Managers, shaping my business attitude and capabilities. With my current role in Accenture, it is my turn to transmit all this knowledge to new joiners and help team grow the years to come.

  • Personal Growth – Working in such a competitive environment, you need to develop your business profile and shape your capabilities in a daily basis. Trainings on new tools, new offerings or methodologies are quite high in my daily “task list”.

Outside the Office

Outside the office, I try do the rest things I enjoy the most in my life... I am playing basketball in Accenture Basketball team, I also take part in most running races and recently, I revealed a new passion, tennis! My motto, “healthy mind in a healthy body” as the Ancient Greeks used to say!

I also travel a lot, inside and outside Greece, with my aim to be to visit as much European cities as possible, to explore new cultures and harmonize (at least for some days) with their everyday life.

Last but not least, I try spending time with my beloved people, my friends and my family. What matters the most in this life are the “moments” and I try spending enough with them, simply because they deserve my attention and love!

My Advice
Never stop dreaming... The sky is the only limit!

Be pro-active, passionate and mindful! Accenture will provide you all the rest you need to succeed!