Accenture and Murex

Murex provides integrated trading, risk management and processing solutions for banks, asset managers, hedge funds, corporations and energy utilities.


Accenture has been helping Murex clients transform their front, middle and back office operations and risk management functions, including collateral management and treasury operations, for near 30 years. Our future-ready solutions include system transformation, DevOps enablers, cloud, continuous testing, upgrades and managed services. Watch our overview video for more information.

Our software

Working closely with our clients and partners over many years, we have identified a number of key areas where business efficiency can be greatly enhanced by improving the availability and flow of information across various systems. As a result, we have developed a suite of software solutions designed to better integrate disparate systems and add key elements of functionality—with the ultimate aim of saving businesses considerable amounts of time and money while ensuring high quality output.

Accenture Environment Management Dashboard

A self-service portal which helps allow a fully functional Murex environment to be created in less than 40 minutes. The dashboard—available for both AWS and Microsoft Azure—enables dynamic, automated environment deployment to the cloud including infrastructure provisioning, database load, Murex application deployment, configuration management and testing. It also tracks cloud infrastructure spend and imposes cost controls based on budget limits.

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Accenture Reformx

A comprehensive end-to-end change and release management tool available for Murex. Accenture Reformx allows businesses to take full advantage of the trading platform's unique customizability by providing completely automated version control, total visibility and full audit trails across the entire development and release cycle. This makes trading platform configuration easy, efficient and straightforward, from start to finish and for all team members involved, saving time and money.

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Accenture MxMon

A comprehensive system monitoring tool designed specifically for the Murex trading and risk management platform. Accenture MxMon provides real-time visibility into Murex environments, which could prevent issues from escalating to the business level. Unlike generic monitoring tools, it combines JVM metrics, internal Murex timings, and metrics and log statements. The software helps to reduce both the time and resources devoted to monitoring and maintenance.

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Murex and the Cloud

Murex MX.3 Cloud migration with Accenture and AWS

Our framework could help to provide clients with a deployment blueprint for cloud implementations. Learn more.

Murex MX.3 to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud with Accenture

Our capabilities, accelerators and project experience could help clients take Murex MX.3 to Azure. Learn more.

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What we think

Moving your Murex MX.3 platform to the cloud can enable continuous integration and delivery, reduced complexity and faster resolution of issues.

Accenture and Murex partner to drive continuous improvement through DevOps for Murex clients.

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Case studies

Accenture helps a large international life insurance and pension group implement Murex MX.3 for its derivatives in asset management.

Find out how adoption of the Reformx tool brought visibility, speed and efficiency to SwapClear’s Murex development process.

A large Canadian bank found renewed strength and efficiency through improved trading software and more agile ways of working.

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