Firms are under increasing pressure to innovate faster and perform better, while at the same time managing platform migrations and executing efficiency and cost improvements. It’s a complex, challenging and ever-changing environment. Getting it wrong could mean higher costs, system meltdown and dissatisfied clients. Getting it right could mean reducing development costs by 40 percent.1

By bringing development and operations teams together to implement automated software development and deployment processes, DevOps reduces this complexity and allows firms to streamline their IT environment to successfully drive innovation—faster and better.

Changing tools, processes and mindsets

DevOps is both a functional and cultural change that aligns and improves the development and operations functions to enable continuous improvement. A DevOps journey extends beyond optimizing continuous integration processes and automating tasks to transforming the mindsets of the leadership and development-operations teams.

Bringing greater value to Murex clients

Accenture is developing a fully-automated DevOps model and best practices that can overcome common challenges and deliver the functionality Murex clients want and need, including:

  • Dedicated DevOps processes for Murex
  • The right tools for each stage in the delivery process
  • A continuous integration stream for ongoing innovation delivery
  • Test-driven development in support of this integration
Once you’ve determined the need for change, the next steps in your DevOps transformation journey are to conduct a DevOps maturity assessment, create a DevOps framework and roadmap, and then rapidly iterate the implementation of DevOps practices.

What DevOps can help your firm do

  • Deliver on-demand functionality improvements independent of release cycles
  • Deploy changes at higher frequency with greater quality
  • Reduce the time from idea to impact while improving reliability
  • Drive continuous improvement through business-centric metrics that enable real-time service management

What’s getting in the way of your development efforts?

There are a number of common challenges firms face when it comes to their innovation efforts, all of which signal the need for a DevOps transformation. The critical first step is recognizing the need for change—then taking the next steps toward your own transformation journey.

Are you ready to drive continuous improvement through DevOps for Murex? Please get in touch.

1A Practical Approach to Large Scale Agile Development by Gary Gruver, FlowCon San Francisco 2013

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