Capital markets firms with a complex IT footprint often struggle with large capital investment in infrastructure, insufficient development environments and scaling of grid environments. But clients of MX.3—Murex’s cross-asset platform for trading, risk management and processing—on the cloud can provision development and test environments within minutes, save infrastructure costs for their stack, and scale grid environments up and down on-demand to hundreds or even thousands of servers.

Organizations that implement Murex on the cloud could see significant improvements in time-to-market, and these benefits are amplified when the use of the cloud is combined with continuous integration and continuous delivery (DevOps) practices. A speedy environment provisioning from the outset could contribute to the aims of DevOps and continuous integration to achieve a frequent release process of changes into test, pre-production and production environments.

Using cloud-based APIs and automation, new Murex environments could be deployed in as little as 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

Organizations that leverage public cloud-native technologies could also see improvements in the following areas:

  • Acceleration. Enable one-click deployment of new environments on a pay-as-you-go model. Using cloud-based APIs and automation, new environments could be deployed in as little as 30 minutes. That usually means faster time-to-market for new projects, products and regulatory requirements, and the ability to increase the number of environments as necessary.
  • Elasticity. Leverage hyper-scale elastic computing capacity to perform more sophisticated risk management and to dramatically speed up end of day and end of month processing while operating at a lower total cost of ownership compared with on-premise environments.
  • Cost savings. Eliminate capital expenditure on infrastructure and maintenance costs while having access to evergreen infrastructure on the cloud. Scale environments up and down as needed. Provide transparency on costs for environments and enable detailed end-to-end cost metering and show back/charge back on a user, project or business unit level.
  • Simplification. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure offer programmatic (API) access to infrastructure that allows applications to be codified into templates and then provisioned on demand and managed as independent stacks. Simplified license management is also possible, for example for Oracle databases. Together these features allow for more straightforward management and help provide a real-time, consolidated view of the organization’s infrastructure. They also can be easily integrated with cloud-native management and monitoring tools.

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Common questions around Murex in the cloud

  • Which cloud providers are supported? Murex is certified for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • What are the prerequisites? Murex version MX.3.1.35+ on RedHat Linux RHEL 7.2+ and both Oracle and Sybase back-ends are currently supported. Please check with your Murex representative for technical details and Murex cloud licensing policy. Please also check your database licensing compatibility.
  • Are there regulatory compliance considerations? Every country regulator is at a different stage with respect to their direction on public cloud use. However, development and test environments are usually relatively low risk and do not typically contain PII or highly confidential data, making them unlikely to sound alarm bells with regulators. Accenture also has technology risk specialists who can discuss proven approaches and can provide support during conversations with regulators.
  • Is this a cookie cutter approach? Yes and no. The build automation artifacts we have created to deploy environments should be able to slot into most project pipelines. The invocation methods and testing may vary. We will work with you to adapt to your environment during the discovery phase.
  • Could I get the same benefits from my private cloud? The benefits of scalability, reduced capital expenditure, pay-as-you-go usage, the ability to launch new environments in any country that has a public cloud region, and end-to-end automated provisioning are really only available in the public cloud. Implementing this on a private cloud may improve automation, but not likely to the same degree as the public cloud.

Accenture is Murex’s only global alliance partner. With nearly 30 years of experience collaborating on Murex projects, we have more than 900 skilled Murex professionals locally and worldwide so we can provide onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery capacity as required. In the last 10 years alone, we have helped more than 40 capital markets firms with their Murex implementation projects.

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