myWellbeing – Understanding personal wellbeing

Accenture Finland employees can attend an extensive wellbeing program, myWellbeing.

Accenture Finland offers an extensive wellbeing program, myWellbeing. The aim is to offer employees tools to understand their own wellbeing and offering personalized and relevant content to improve their all around wellbeing – body and mind.

myWellbeing is a wellbeing program for Accenture Finland employees. It aims to inspire Accenture employees to develop their personal wellbeing skills. We do not want to offer purely wellbeing activities designed to improve physical wellbeing but we understand the importance of wellbeing of mind and body alike.

Thus, our selection of totally free and voluntary activities available right now include for example: 

  • Different personal coaching sessions (such as personal training sessions with a PT or nutrition planning with a coach)

  • Mind training and Recovery training sessions with a coach

  • Career training sessions

  • Free gym

  • Health tests such as stress analysis, muscle endurance tests, blood vessel measurement

  • Physical tests (such as Bicycle ergometer, cooper test etc)

  • Health and training applications and technology

  • Wellbeing lectures

  • Taught relaxation, yoga, mindfulness classes

  • Physical exercise sessions

  • Relaxation rooms

  • Free fruit available at the office locations and much more!

  • Health checks

  • And much more!

myWellbeing is based on a continuous wellbeing dialogue with our employees. The quarterly Wellness 360° Index Survey forms the backbone of the dialogue. Not only does the report of the survey help an individual to better understand their own wellbeing and possible areas for improvement; it also gives the wellbeing team invaluable information on the needs of the employees and in that way helps the team and Accenture Finland leadership in choosing the best possible tools and activities to offer the employees.

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