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Personalized marketing services & solutions

Marketing and customer personalization

"With Accenture's help, direct sales increased 27 percent in the first year of implementation and are expected to grow on a 30 percent basis over the next three years."

— JOSÉ MARÍA DALMAU, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Meliá Hotels International

Making it personal: Consumer pulse check

Personalization strategies at scale


Nearly 40% of consumers have left a website because they were overwhelmed by too many options


Identify both known and unknown customers and propects through data from CRM, DMP, device, social and other sources.


Knowing your customer's history means not just knowing what they buy, view and consume, but also why they make those decisions.


Reach them with the right marketing, offer, content or product recommendations for the customer based on their actions, preferences and interests.


Delivering personalization within the context of the digital experience, such as who and where they are recent events, and/or what time of year it is.

The Accenture Genome


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