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Case Study

CNH Industrial: Next-generation application management

Innovation-led application management services enable CNH Industrial to drive efficiencies and improve digital and analytics capabilities.


Strategy and solution

Proactive service

Ticket resolution

RPA, AI and user support like chatbots help solve user queries with minimal manual effort.

Monitoring and preventive maintenance

MyWizard analyzes, tickets and patterns to find problems and offer analysis. Reporting and dashboards reveal data trends to take preventive action.


Events proactively managed and monitored, flagging issues for resolution. An "Operations Control Room" has specialists on point to respond to alerts.

Business service monitoring

When IT incidents accumulate, we assess their impact on business services and service level agreements to minimize business disruption.

Continuous improvement activities

Identify areas for improvement by looking at accumulated historical data, optimizing the overall operational setup in line with business needs.


Revenue cycle





Finance and human resources

Most importantly, automation frees up CNH Industrial resources to focus on strategic digital initiatives for customers, primarily connected vehicles, market service solutions and advanced precision farming.

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