For business to grow, people must thrive

The pandemic has changed work forever, Companies have adapted and shifted their models and processes. They have had to rethink how they take care of their employees’ safety, health and well-being. And workers expect a different relationship with their employers. The rules are being rewritten in real time. Accenture helps to build HR functions that create value by being centered on employee experience and enabled by platforms, data, analytics and AI.

Elevate people. Lift your business.

Our research shows that taking care of people pays off. By addressing the six dimensions of the Net Better Off Model, people are motivated and engaged. Then companies can flourish and grow up to 5% even in a weak GDP environment.


Modern HR

Improving the customer experience by unlocking human ingenuity and creating a digitally enabled workforce and workplace that fosters innovation.

Employee experience

Treating employees as customers by creating better physical, digital and human experiences throughout their employment lifecycle.

Human capital management and digital HR

Creating value by building and deploying cloud-based HR solutions that elevate customer experiences and unlock business insights.

Intelligent HR

Delivering personalized experiences at scale to support service delivery and business outcomes.

Workforce management

Managing the total workforce and keeping pace with shifting demands through prescriptive data and analytics.

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By the numbers


of workers feel employers are responsible for helping them become net better off.


of HR leaders are making the employee experience a higher priority when planning the future of work.


of high growth companies have already adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model.

Built for change

A Powerful Business Case for Happier Workers

Can anything erase the historic tension between employers and workers, create trust and leave both parties better off? Groundbreaking new research from Accenture is paving the way for a new paradigm in modern business: Companies that help employees truly thrive, personally as well as professionally, are the ones that will win in the market of the future. While some leaders have long been sympathetic to this idea, the business case was harder to prove — until now. Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer of Accenture, and David Rodriguez, CHRO of Marriott, describe how they collaborated on Accenture’s “Care to Do Better” report, and explain its revolutionary stance: Caring for employees across personal and financial dimensions is not only the best way to unlock people’s true potential, it’s better for business.

Case studies

Cloud-based solution, Workday, integrates HR operations for Canadian biotech, boosting efficiency and creating a more engaging work environment.

Syngenta’s new HR operating model and supporting technologies have revolutionized the employee experience and set the stage for talent-led growth.

Avis Budget Group collaborated with Accenture to launch an HR transformation program with a new global HR system.

One of the world's leading international banks completes an advanced and far-reaching human resources and employee experience transformation.

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What we think

Equitable experiences should happen every day for every person to drive up Net Better Off scores.

Most people now want a hybrid model of work. Companies must support their people in new ways, wherever they wish to work.

Building trust to enhance employee potential and leave your people and your business Net Better Off.

Uncover missed talent pools, close skill gaps and improve diversity in building better companies.

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Blogs and articles

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