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Accenture health experience platform

Accenture health experience platform

Accelerate delivery and reduce implementation risk

Accenture customer solution

Supports smarter targeting and tighter integration between sales and marketing to improve lead conversion ratios and reduce sales cycles.

Accenture broker solution

Provides stronger engagement with brokers, improved broker satisfaction and reduced sales cycles.

Accenture service agent solution

Increases first-call resolution and reduces average handle times thereby boosting customer satisfaction.

Drive value

Specific services

Sharper insight and targeting

  • Capture of demographics and website behaviors
  • Seamless integration of Community with Sales and Marketing Clouds
  • Personalized, time-based emails

Stronger engagement with brokers

  • Better integration with payers
  • Greater transparency of data and improved communication
  • Pre-automated workflows and emails
  • Greater responsiveness and accuracy

Agent engagement and efficacy

  • Guided call scripts
  • Gamification
  • Better service experience
  • Improved first-call resolution

Why Accenture

Meet our lead

Pervez Alam

Senior Manager, Cloud First