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Sustainable value chain


We believe every business must be a sustainable business.

Value through values

The advancement of human + machine intelligence enables businesses to create a digital thread that provides visibility across the entire product and operating value chain.

Three priority areas

Trust through transparency

To gain the trust of stakeholders, organizations must make their value chains transparent using tools such as blockchain.

Reaching net zero and beyond

Value chains must be reinvented as net zero and from there find ways to become net positive.

Engaging in circular business models

Organizations must shift from linear processes to closed-loop, circular processes that minimize waste.

How Accenture can help

Intelligent supply chain network

Creating enduring change by reimagining tomorrow’s supply networks to positively impact business, society and the planet. Learn more.

Products and platforms

Developing sustainable product strategy and design. Leveraging the power of platforms to drive sustainable business models.


Providing local, ethical and inclusive sourcing support, energy sourcing strategy and supplier-risk assessments based on ESG criteria. Learn more.

End-to-end transparency and visibility

Using technologies such as blockchain to address provenance, authenticity and traceability across value chains.

Network strategy and planning

Planning for managed services, GHG optimization and providing enhanced control tower visibility.

Plants and projects

Providing heat and power decarbonization strategies, circular plant design and delivering solutions for safe, connected workforces.


Developing logistics strategies including fleet electrification, route and GHG optimization.


Accelerate change across your enterprise to create lasting value. Learn more.

What we think

Can you see your Scope 3?

Can you see and act on emissions across all supplier tiers? You can now. Accenture's research and new tools to shed light on Scope 3.

Supply chain is key to winning climate change fight

UNGC—Accenture CEO study reports sustainable supply chain strategy is now a major part of CEOs' focus to unlock net zero emissions.

Accelerating sustainability with virtual twins

How can you drive sustainability and the circular economy at speed and scale with the virtual twin technology?


Transforming Procurement into a Strategic Sustainability & Resilience Partner

Case studies

Transforming supply chains when the world needs it

Using IoT and blockchain to take quality control and distribution of pharmaceuticals to new heights.

Supplier inclusion and sustainability

Cultivating a culture of responsible buying on a global scale.

Driving connectivity

Transforming fleet management for Microsoft’s global headquarters.

Sustainable value chain blog

Our leaders

Jan-Willem Jannink

Managing Director – Industry X, Sustainable Value Chain Lead

Matias Pollmann-Larsen

Managing Director – Global Sustainable Value Chain Lead, Supply Chain & Operations