Call for change

Over the past decade, the size of China's consumer purchasing power and market has grown exponentially. But some consumer goods companies haven’t fully reaped the benefits. Swire Coca-Cola, a bottling giant serving the everchanging Chinese consumer market, is always seeking new ways to grow faster.

As a leading beverages player in a dynamic beverages market that continually invests in Route-to-Market, In-market execution and digitalization, Swire Coca-Cola believes in driving the use of data to create a competitive advantage. With the digitalization of business, client’s internal and external data is increasing in volume and granularity.

"We are always looking for opportunities to become more targeted in our market investment, that drives the most optimum ROI."

— DOMINIC WHEELER, Executive Director of Information Systems and CIO, Swire Coca-Cola

When tech meets human ingenuity

Swire Coca-Cola looked at different solutions in different markets around the world and was particularly impressed with Accenture’s Intelligent Revenue Growth work with Bottling Groups in Latin America, which derived insights from data that allowed for targeted, segmented execution and investment, that would drive incremental revenue growth. Finally, the client decided to partner with Accenture and pilot this approach in two of bottling territories in the China Mainland.

The solution captures massive sales data from Swire Coca-Cola 's business systems and integrates external data, feeding into the Accenture Applied Intelligence Platform. We then built a data model for analysis and compared it with historical data. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we optimized our calculation and analysis. The simulations help generate the most relevant marketing campaign insights and suggest more sophisticated trade spending.

Specifically, we correlated historical sales performance with both market activities, and with the effects of external Points of Interests which would affect consumer behavior (i.e., traffic flow, weather) in each of outlets. Based on this, Swire Coca-Cola was able to extrapolate the potential of our outlets, and identify where to invest, as well as what to invest in, in order to optimize our return on investment.

A valuable difference

So far, Accenture and Swire Coca-Cola have launched the program across multiple provinces, covering more than one million points of sale. During the first half year of project implementation, the points of sale that used the Intelligent Revenue Growth solution doubled their average growth rates. In fact, one of our retailers located at the entrance of a landmark scenic area increased sales by five times in just two months.

Through the collaboration with Accenture on the Intelligent Revenue Growth Management project, Swire Coca-Cola was also able to instill a culture of “Data Enabled Decision Making” and enhance the Data Analytics capabilities of our Digital and Business Teams. The initial pilot has since been extended to more Operating Units in China, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to further add value to client’s business by leveraging Data as a competitive advantage.

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