Applied intelligence for retail

Put the most loyal, profitable customers at the center of every aspect of your business—from the products you sell to the design of your supply chain.

Tap the growth potential of high-value customers

Knowing who your high-lifetime value (HLV) customers are is the key for future retail growth. Our unique approach allows businesses to transform—helping implement the latest technologies and successfully compete in the new retail landscape.

Marketing mix optimization

Ensure your HLV customers receive a loyalty experience through promotions/digital marketing and utilize partners like Google, Adobe and Salesforce.

Shape of chain

Leverage advanced analytics to optimize existing and future supply chain real estate, including stores and distribution centers.

Inventory optimization

Use data-driven analytics to flow and locate inventory that matters to your HLV customers—maximize in-stock, working capital and inventory ROIC.

Predictive returns

Deliver an end-to-end process to identify the items most likely to be returned, which customers are returning them and how to make returns efficient.


Get a 360-degree view of what brings customers to your stores. From marketing and supply chain to merchandising and labor.


Use prescriptive analytics to understand who are your most profitable customers and the products, promotions, prices and stores that drive loyalty.

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From shopkeeper to customerkeeper

The most profitable retail customer is worth 15 times an average shopper. Our Point of View details how retailers can build on a data-rich foundation to create intimate and interactive retail experiences for millions of high-value customers.


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