A platform that enables the continuity and flow of information across the life sciences enterprise.

New science. New needs

As the biopharma landscape grows and evolves in the age of New Science, life sciences industry leaders are finding new opportunities to raise the standard and personalization of patient care. INTIENT enables the continuity and flow of information across the enterprise, providing the right data, at the right time, to the right team.

Data access is just the first step. Accenture INTIENT enables the application of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to that data—delivering insights that can lead to better patient outcomes, faster than ever before.

INTIENT: A solution designed for enterprise needs

Looking to glean more from your data? Or gain access to new information? INTIENT will help unlock actionable insights, helping you succeed and impact patients’ lives.

Safe and secure

Offers trusted and compliant digital health and patient data ingestion, storage and processing across functions, geographies and regulatory agencies.

Seamless collaboration

Empowers seamless collaboration across the enterprise—from research to commercial—to unify teams with common insights and objectives.

Open and extensible

Leverages industry-leading, cloud-based infrastructure with open interfaces to enable flexible adoption with existing systems.

Intelligence applied

Enables the application of artificial intelligence, smart automation, machine learning and advanced analytics to discover and apply new insights.

Agility and innovation

Provides ready access to our external partner network of digital innovation, removing barriers to entry for technology, data and service providers.

Market proven

Trusted as the platform of choice by eight of the 10 global life sciences companies.

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INTIENT: A solution industry leaders are looking for

IDC, a global provider of market intelligence and advisory services, recently surveyed 120 pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders regarding their strategic approaches toward technology and data in their businesses. View the survey results.


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders said the ability to easily access, use and apply analytics and AI to data from across functional areas was important to achieving their business strategy.


of pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders feel that improving their ability to connect, share and analyze data from across the organization is critical to their company’s success.


Yet, more than 50 percent said they do not have a clear path toward achieving that goal to connect, share and analyze data from across the organization.

Source: IDC Survey, sponsored by Accenture, The Case for Connectivity in the Life Sciences, 2019


Accenture introduces INTIENT™, an innovative platform to advance the discovery, development and delivery of patient treatments

The INTIENT platform vastly improves the continuity and flow of data across life sciences enterprises, supporting the delivery of ground-breaking treatments for patients.

“New Science” is leading growth while changing the market dynamics of the biopharma industry, according to new research from Accenture

The adoption of a unique combination of the best in science and health technology are expected to be the biopharma industry’s new growth machine.

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