In brief

In brief

  • Use of digital clinical trial methodologies increased significantly during COVID-19 and delivered tangible value.
  • Accelerating adoption is a top priority for biopharma organizations, with some key areas seen as driving the most value.
  • Our research demonstrates there are clear steps to fuel innovation in clinical trials and capture the value of digital transformation efforts.

Digital adoption in clinical trials increased during COVID-19. In our recent research, the vast majority of respondents (99%) said that the pandemic has driven additional need to use digital clinical trial methodologies that they would not normally have used.

Better patient experiences and faster results

Respondents in our research cited the top benefits of digital clinical trial activity as:


Improved patient recruitment process


Improved patient retention on the trial


Increase in speed of drug development

Over the next three years, the areas adopting digital trial methodologies the soonest include:


Trial close out


Investigator and trial execution


Trial engagement


Trial Data Collection

Areas to watch while advancing your digital clinical agenda

Patients may want to revert back to previously used methods as pandemic restrictions ease.

Consider the impact of new digital solutions on clinical sites, including training and patient support needs.

When designing trial plans, consider the potential for demographic bias towards technology proficiency.

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Now is the time to…

By embracing a digital mindset, technology, collaboration and new ways of working, R&D will continue to fuel digital innovation in clinical trials.

Prioritize being flexible and smart, selecting multiple technologies that enable ongoing innovation while following agile practices for integrating new vendors into core business processes.

Change the way that data, analytics and ecosystem partnerships are used across the entire drug development process, leading to improved clinical and patient outcomes, accelerated clinical trial timelines, and reduced costs.

Reimagine clinical development by leveraging machine learning and real-world data to power patient-centric design, formulate trial strategy and employ risk-based everywhere approaches.

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Louis Kauffman

Senior Manager – R&D, Life Sciences

Alex Simmonds

Senior Manager – Life Sciences, North America

Christina Gunther

Senior Manager – Life Sciences, European Clinical Lead


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