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Product platform engineering & modernization

Increase your operational efficiency, at speed

What's the value we help to realize?


decrease in platform development cost.


increase in ability to iterate.


decrease in time to market.

Here's how we'll help


We yield a step change to the speed in which new ideas, products and services are brought to market; bringing velocity to value for our clients.


We define processes, tools, frameworks and conduct assessments to help client teams re-organize to be more productive and reduce waste.


We bring in the best of minds and experts to architect, scale and maintain cutting edge new tech that drives intelligence in devices and services.

What we think

Automotive industry fast lane is software‐defined

Accenture identified four approaches to help OEMs transform software defined, service-driven mobility experiences to compete effectively.

Capture value from collaboration

Explore how to better connect your business functions.

Scaling digital innovation research report

Accenture finds industrial & manufacturing companies that apply digital innovation to existing & developing operations scale digital & drive growth.

Meet our lead

Ruchi Goyal

Managing Director – Industry X, Product Platform Engineering & Modernization, Global & North America lead