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Semiconductor manufacturing analytics

Drive insights and manufacturing efficiency, improve silicon quality and reduce test time using advanced analytics.

Revolutionizing the smart factory floor with Metaverse


New growth in manufacturing with deep insights

We’ve dedicated years of deep and broad engagement to establish the Semiconductor Manufacturing Analytics solution. In that time, we identified 6 key features that deliver strategy and data models to gain insights and create new growth. 

Semiconductor Manufacturing Analytics

Increasing investments for semi manufacturing


Strategy by design

Leverage the power of your analytics to move beyond analytics as a localized discipline connected with single assets, processes and silos.

AI and ML

Transform complex semiconductor variables into a virtuous cycle of insight and decisiveness with AI and ML insights for cumulative value creation.

Data engineering

Translate valuable insights across the business by harnessing data engineering including abstraction layers and data meshing.

Proprietary tools

Utilize new tools to leverage fresh value across core manufacturing steps form design, wafer fab and sort to assembly, test and ship.

New value insights

Identify and discover the specific use cases that turn the manufacturing dial – for greater yield, faster throughput and ongoing quality advances.

Cyber security

Secure and protect your key IP with a leading global security partner that focuses across enterprise IT and OT to safeguard your data.

Driving value through data

Meet our lead

Timothy Chu

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Semiconductor