Circular supply chain

Sustainably produced goods are in high demand. Circular Supply Chain connects consumers and producers in complex supply chains.

Strong end-to-end connections in the
supply chain

Sustainable practices drive empowerment and inform decisions that uncover innovation, create new channels of engagement and enhance brand reputation. The model can be applied to producers, processors, wholesalers and consumers to align business goals.


Provides transparency to confidently share access to the same data and information.

Digital Identity

Leveraging biometrics, verify attestations of the producer’s identity.


Biometrically enabled payment mechanisms ensure the right person gets the funds.

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Circular supply chain:
How it works

The opportunity to address the challenges of provenance, authenticity and traceability, and to provide small producers with a more equitable seat at the Fair-Trade table is now more real with the combined power of blockchain technologies, digital identity, biometrics and payment solutions.

Circular supply chain creates brand differentiation with an immersive engagement experience that empowers consumers to tip their farmer, directly rewarding small scale suppliers around the world for their commitment to sustainability.

Circular Supply Chain

Accenture video shares about circular supply chain's rewarding sustainable practices with blockchain. See more.

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Connected industries

Making a difference is a key point of differentiation. Participating in a blockchain-enabled circular supply chain not only improves traceability but creates differentiation through empowering consumers as well as suppliers.