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Retail workforce for Store of Tomorrow

March 4, 2022

A different kind of retail workforce

Meeting the evolving expectations of both customers and employees in the Store of Tomorrow demands a significantly more adaptive workforce—one that is digital, empowered, flexible, and diverse.

Six workforce priorities for retail leaders

Upskill and educate associates

Ensure employees are trained and upskilled in all relevant areas across the Store of Tomorrow, to maximize their potential and contribution each day.

Prioritize digital ways of working

Give employees access to and training on modern workforce platforms and communication tools to do their jobs most efficiently and effectively.

Create a responsible and purposeful culture

Actively seek to earn trust with employees by creating a purposeful culture that is supportive, grows the business, and helps the broader community.

Attract and retain the right talent

Take a long-term perspective to attract, develop, and retain the right talent, by looking at capabilities, skills and future potential.

Redefine the employee experience

Invest in employees and their careers through training, rewards and benefits, an inclusive culture, strong authentic purpose, and wellbeing support.

Enable flexibility in scheduling

Empower employees by giving them more input into their schedules, better digital communication tools, and schedule flexibility.

Look again at the talent strategy


Less likely to face talent and skills shortages compared to companies that do not


More likely to find candidates who have the right attitude/motivation compared to companies that do not

Preparing for tomorrow's retail workforce today

Paige Prepula

Managing Director – Retail

Paige focuses on enterprise transformations, operating models, and future workforce strategies for global retail clients. 

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