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Facing disruption, MedTechs need to transform now

July 29, 2021


In brief

Three trends will transform the industry

1. Humanization of everything

Trailblazers have an opportunity to change the way products are designed and services delivered, empowering patients and providers.

2. Technology anywhere, everywhere

Technology has been the lifeline of the healthcare market during the pandemic. It will continue to be at the center of everything.

3. Data & analytics as an asset

Data is the currency to uncover and create value. More effective use of data will catalyze better outcomes for all MedTech ecosystem participants.

Challenging today’s business models



  • Do your products and services address the total customer experience throughout the provider and patient journey?
  • Do you use learnings from customers to improve products and experiences?
  • Does your organization represent customers and patients in a way to deliver on the promises they expect?




  • Is your technology a liability or an enabling asset?
  • How many ERP, PLM or CAPA systems does your organization have?
  • What new technology could you adopt to support an improved customer experience, connected devices, integration and leverage of external data sources and health records, and connect with other ecosystem partners?


Data & analytics


  • Does your current data strategy and capability reflect that data is becoming the new currency for MedTech?
  • Are your medical devices designed to capture data?
  • If so, do you have the enterprise capability to use that data to create better outcomes and new revenue streams?


How to transform with purpose

Meet the team

Tom Kawalec

Managing Director – Global Life Sciences Medical Technology Lead

James A. Cleffi

Managing Director – Life Sciences, MedTech, US North-East Lead

Laura Westercamp

Managing Director – MedTech Future Care and Disruptive Business Models Lead

Floris Provoost

Associate Director – Innovation at What If!, Life Sciences

Patrick Mouser

Director - Interactive

Aran Bahl

Manager – Consulting, Life Sciences