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Transforming high tech through the Cloud Continuum

June 29, 2022 3-MINUTE READ

In brief

Continuum competitors go beyond cost reduction. They use cloud to create differentiation- through public cloud partnership and/or private/hybrid cloud investment and expertise.

From silos to Cloud Continuum

How to become a Cloud Continuum competitor?

Develop Cloud Continuum strategy

High Tech Continuum Competitors aim for 1.4x more ambitious financial and operational goals (e.g. faster time to market, increased cross-sell or upsell, and increased number of customers).

Jason Mitchell

Managing Director – High Tech, Cloud, Global

Jason focuses on helping clients unlock business value by leveraging the flexibility and speed to market of the cloud.

Shaan Mahbubani

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, High Tech

Austin Holt

Manager – Technology Strategy and Advisory