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The pressure to innovate and the change in values

28 March 2022


In brief

The Top500 multidimensional transformation

More complex requirements in a new world


German companies are facing technological changes of unprecedented scale and speed.


Sales in the leading automotive industry plummeted by over 80 billion euros in 2020.


German manufacturing companies are struggling with shortages of preliminary products.

Technology shift puts companies under pressure

Whoever is first to use the latest technologies is the winner. In particular, the USA and China are ready to disrupt.

The demand for sustainability is skyrocketing

Legislation, customers, and investors demand action: Companies must establish new standards across the value chain.

Supply bottlenecks have an impact on business

Resource scarcity is the new normal. As the focus of the Top500 remains on export, turnkey production and low stock inventory pose a growth risk.

Skill shortage deepens

With increased job vacancies and a lack of digital transformation experts, demographic changes are only making things worse.

What the Top500 must act on now

Accenture recognizes three significant strategic courses: innovation, sustainability, and talent management. Only those who master these milestones can count themselves among the future growth champions.


Fleeting the crisis through innovation

Globally, Top500 firms must seek opportunities in technology competition. On average, they plan to increase digital transformation budgets by 6.1%.


Sustainability by design

Business leaders are increasingly looking at sustainability in new products, services, and processes from a competitive advantage standpoint.


Invest now in talent management

As labor market bottlenecks continue to worsen, the Top500 are looking at new channels and rethinking work models.


Generating new growth and creating experiences with technologies

Using sustainability as competitive advantage

Rethinking ways of working

For the Top500, the past few months have been a departure. Taking small steps toward innovation no longer works. Bold steps yield significant growth.

Meet our lead

Stefan Bongardt

Research Lead ASG