In brief

In brief

  • Clients will increasingly expect customized solutions from their investment managers.
  • Taking into account all customisation variables will drive up complexity accordingly.
  • Offering this today with legacy technology is costly and usually unavailable to anyone except for the largest clients.
  • But early adopters are already piloting systematic investment processes designed to deliver scalable customization.

The key to successful investment management

The demand for customized solutions will only rise as more relevant data on individuals becomes available, and more assets become tradable due to the rise of tokenization. That’s why successful investment managers need to focus more and more on providing their clients with customized investment solutions while keeping their costs under control: they have to make customization scalable.

Interestingly enough, 80% of respondents to a recent Accenture survey in the asset management space in North America indicated that “customization for the masses” will be important in 2025.

Today, technology has put this goal within the reach for investment managers. And as this trend gathers momentum, we expect the marginal cost of production of highly customized investment solutions to fall sharply towards zero.

To succeed in this market, investment managers should be acting already today and start implementing the right technology and operating model.

Read more about the future of the investment industry, investment management solutions and correspondent technologies. The full paper with our perspective on the transformation of the investment industry can be downloaded from this page.

About the Authors

Serkan Mirza

Managing Director – Accenture Client Group Capital Markets Switzerland

Michael Kaimakliotis

Tindeco CEO and Co-Founder

Hannah Bischof

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy & Consulting Capital Markets Switzerland

Samuel Müller

Tindeco Business Development Manager


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