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The future of asset management

May 12, 2021

Meet tomorrow’s asset management leader


of executives agree that an asset manager’s technology, data and digital capabilities will be differentiators in 2025.


of executives state that “customization for the masses” as an investment strategy will define the next five years.


of executives believe that brand and purpose are important differentiators in the asset management industry.


of executives state that their firm is actively looking to expand into new investment products and strategies.


of executives intend to transform their product distribution value chain within the next five years.


of executives state that their investment capabilities will become more important than the products they offer.

A 360° look at asset management in 2025

Brand: You are who your customers think you are

Tell a compelling story about your brand that aligns with customer needs. Follow through on it by making it easy for customers to achieve their goals.

Products: Investor expectations are changing

Extend products and services beyond traditional boundaries. Know your customers and provide innovative offerings that meet their specific needs.

Distribution: Provide hyper-relevant experiences

Reimagine client interactions, create a seamless experience and build trust by breaking down organizational silos supported by data and technology.

Investment capabilities: New tech, new alpha

Pave a path toward better returns with AI, analytics and alternative data. Technology fuels the agility that could keep you ahead of the pack.

Investment operations: Operate intelligently

Build a best-in-breed, innovative technology engine capable of delivering value-generating, customer centric processes at scale.

Talent: Humans + machines work better together

Transform your workplace to deliver a superior, digital age employee and customer experience by blending the best mix of humans and technology.

Don’t wait for change to come…invent it

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The future of asset management

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