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As part of Accenture’s annual Technology Vision research, we interviewed nearly 800 banking executives across 25 countries to get their views on technology advances in their organizations and across the industry. Our Banking Technology Vision 2018 report highlights five emerging trends that will shape the industry in the next three years.

Trend 1. Citizen AI: The Newest Member of the Banking Workforce
AI is moving out of the back office to become a visible member of the banking team. Are your customers and workforce ready?

Trend 2. Extended Reality: The End of Distance
Pioneering banks are beginning to use VR and AR to engage customers and employees—closing the physical distance gap.

Trend 3. Data Veracity: Build the Future on Truth
With data converging from all across the banking ecosystem, lapses in data quality could be costly.

Trend 4. Frictionless Business: Built to Partner as Scale
Microservices and blockchain may be key technologies to help banks overcome the challenge of legacy systems.

Trend 5: Internet of Thinking: Put Smart Banking on the Edge of Consumer Interactions
For banks to reach the dynamic physical environments they want to serve, they need to bring sufficient computing power.


of surveyed bankers agree organizations are basing their most critical systems and strategies on data, yet many have not invested in the capabilities to verify the truth within it.

Accenture has found specific actions banks can take now to be future-ready. For example, start collecting information on the cost of data quality lapses, such as customer dissatisfaction and regulatory fines, and as data will increasingly be treated as currency, treat increased investment in data management as a value-generating initiative rather than as overhead. For more details and insights, download our Banking Technology Vision 2018 report.

About the Authors

Kelle​y Conway

Managing Director – Technology Consulting, Financial Services

Peter Sidebottom​

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Banking & Capital Markets

Schira Lillis

Principal Director, Lead – Global Financial Services Research

Peter McElwaine-Johnn

Director – Accenture Strategy, Technology​​


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