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Accenture Life Trends 2023

Our Latest Thinking

If organizations could make sustainability more relevant and actionable, we could mobilize 4.5 billion people more strongly. Our new report shows how to do it.

Businesses focused on life centricity are best positioned to maintain their relevance and thrive. We’ve identified five plays companies can use to capture growth.

A handful of companies are embracing what we call “Total Enterprise Reinvention,” a deliberate strategy that aims to set a new performance frontier.


Meet 1 billion digital-first consumers in 8 growing countries. Our research describes who they are, how they’re different, and what to do to win their hearts, minds—and wallets.

More and more, brand building is happening in commerce—thanks to a convergence of commerce, content and culture. Explore what it means for business.

Accenture discusses the new growth opportunities that come with the emergence of one billion digital-first consumers in eight growing countries.

Customer Service

Companies experience 10x+ higher revenue growth when their service organization is involved in the development of new products.

See the possibilities of customer conversation through a three-part lens that augments the human, magnifies the machine and embraces ethical AI.

Explore why infusing service throughout your organization, pays dividends for your customers and your business.

More from us

Our new report reveals 69% of consumers globally who admit to behaving inconsistently think that paradoxical behaviors are both human and acceptable.

Your industry. Your customers. It’s a brand new landscape. Experience is the key to navigating it. Read why.

Our latest public sector research reveals that people want simple, human and secure experiences when they interact with government services.

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