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Small to medium is big business

Discover how Grow SMB is enabling success. Because when SMB customers and partners prosper, we all do.

Closing the SMB gap, for good

Serve your SMBs better with Grow SMB, Accenture’s solution to Grow SMB resiliency, relationships, sales, trust, and success. Because when your SMB partners grow, your enterprise grows.

Serve your SMBs better with Grow SMB

Grow SMB insights

Take SMB growth to new heights

Understand what the $1.2 trillion social commerce opportunity means for SMBs. Read more.

Get to know the newest generation of SMBs

Five ways enterprises can really understand—and deliver—what the next-gen of digital-savvy and self-funded SMBs need. Read more.

Winning in a small (and medium-sized) world

Three key actions for enterprises to unlock and win SMBs globally, at scale. Read more.

The power to influence

Learn about the trust that SMBs place in their peers, and what it means for enterprises if they play the right role in nurturing SMB-to-SMB networks. Read more.

Tell me all about yourself

A smart approach to segmentation can enable enterprises to build deeper, more trusted sales-generating relationships with SMBs. Read more.

Continuing the Grow SMB conversation

Forbes: Unlock SMB potential with generative AI

98% of executives believe AI foundational models will play an important role in their organizations in the next 3-5 years. Discover how generative AI can unlock powerful relationships between SMBs and enterprises. Authored by Stephanie Gorski.

Panel: Harnessing data & AI to fuel growth

We speak with Google and Dell to explore how companies are successfully leveraging data and AI to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) holistically, from accelerating growth to supercharging their entire value chain.

A pulse on SMB recession readiness

SMBs are aware of recession ahead but only a few have action plans. How can enterprises support their SMB customers? Authored by Stephanie Gorski, Caroline Olivero, Coleman Entringer, Louise Barrere, Sandra Luu and Nancy Peng.

How enterprises can ignite SMB advocacy

Enterprises can foster SMB peer-to-peer relationships when it comes to customer awareness, sales and loyalty. Authored by Stephanie Gorski, Caroline Olivero, Adam Norgaard, Brennan Torres, Louise Barrere and Jane Sunde.

THRIVE Podcast: Why startups are booming

Listen to Accenture and THRIVE, a Paychex Podcast, discuss everything from the changing business owner demographic to the unglamorous side of startups.

The Economist: Bridging the gap

See what Accenture, Microsoft, and the Aspen Institute say SMBs need in order to flourish in a digitally-dominated economy.

Opportunities for the new normal

Understand the SMB

We can help you address the diverse range of needs and challenges of underserved SMBs to build customized experiences and tailored solutions.

Earn SMB trust

Only 51% of SMBs trust that enterprises have their needs in mind. We can guide you in understanding SMBs’ unique priorities to earn invaluable trust.

Build relationships

With a deep understanding of SMB needs, we can support your SMB relationship building to truly become a platform for inclusive growth.

Accenture’s Grow SMB Framework

From B2B-centric…

Grow SMBs by enhancing existing B2B Marketing, Sales and Services engagement channels to drive acquisition and consumption.

…to SMB-centric

Transform business models, products and services to accelerate growth of SMBs and help them thrive on their own terms.

Five pillars of SMB engagements


Identify and adopt new SMB customers and partners.


Enable frictionless onboarding for all SMBs.


Drive customized SMB engagement and experiences.


Provide proactive support tailored to SMB needs.


Deliver relevant, SMB-specific solutions and programs.

Case studies

Finding the secret sauce for smarter selling

A mobility and delivery platform unlocks over $85 million in revenue with a fresh mix of sales talent and data-driven insights.

Seizing a $1B+ revenue opportunity with SMBs

A global networking technology company creates a new GTM to transform customer experience and lift revenues sky high.


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