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Commercial models adapt to scientific innovation

The pace of scientific innovation is spurring biopharma organizations to modernize their commercial strategies to become sustainable, foster growth and stay competitive.

What's going on

The next era of commercialization will emphasize sustainable value. Biopharma organizations will transform their commercial strategies to achieve four goals: equitable solutions for all patients, a human-centered approach to digital innovation and operations, improved accessibility, and attracting and retaining the next generation of talent.

Adoption of generative AI

Intelligent technology investment, particularly in product launch capabilities, has significantly increased over the past few years. This can result in more successful product launches, better risk management, sustainable scalability, and greater market success.

Data-driven decision making

Commercial leaders increasingly use data and analytics tools to study and assess vast amounts of data from various sources, quickly and efficiently. This enables improved decision-making by gaining deeper insights and better data transparency, leading to the predictions of market trends, advanced understanding of patient needs, and tailoring launch strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Partnering talent with intelligent technology

With commercialization becoming more complex, problem-solving depends on teams not only having expertise in their areas but collaborating across different domains. So organizations are reinventing how their people operate. Even a new working method as simple as equipping field sales teams with virtual technology can help get more from that workforce. And it’s both sustainable and cost-effective.

What you can do

Build representation and diversity across your operations. Create strategies to serve underserved communities. Measure impact to drive systemic change.

Use the same resources your digital marketers use: expand your reach to remote or underserved areas; tailor communication based on your customer preferences and needs; meet healthcare providers remotely; conduct remote biopharma demos.

Adopt new market-access models to improve your pricing transparency and stakeholder engagement. How? Invest more in your market access. Look at access as a growth driver, not just a cost. Use new data for pricing decisions.

Streamline, digitize and simplify. Revisit your operating models to support a more sustainable cost basis: change your approaches to structures, simplify operations or digitize micro-components of key processes.

To attract and retain key talent, build on your shared mission of helping patients: meet today’s societal expectations for representation and diverse work experiences.

Our leader

Gro Blindheim

Managing Director – Life Sciences