Murex MX.3 to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud with Accenture

Modernize your trading technology on Microsoft Azure’s leading cloud platform and maximize the benefits of your cloud journey with Accenture.

Murex MX.3 on Azure

Many firms are looking for new ways to implement decoupled architectures in a cost-effective manner, drive process simplification, and reinvent themselves in a faster, future-proof and agile operating environment. Transferring technology assets to cloud platforms such as Azure, may not only enable firms to securely run critical business components but also to unlock additional value for their business.

Accenture drivers in the journey to Azure

Murex MX.3 is cloud-compatible with Microsoft Azure. At Accenture, we take a phased and layered approach when helping client migrate an existing MX.3 platform to Azure. Accenture has designed and created specific MX.3 accelerators, tools and methodologies that could help organizations become more agile, while controlling costs. We leverage our deep industry and technical expertise, proprietary tools and software assets to support our clients as they move their on-premise instances of MX.3 to the cloud.

Accenture has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that Accenture´s Murex-on-Azure solution and approach align not only with industry best practices, but also with Azure´s own well architected framework.

What we think

Moving your Murex MX.3 platform to the cloud can enable continuous integration and delivery, reduced complexity and faster resolution of issues.

DevOps reduces this complexity and allows firms to streamline their IT environment to successfully drive innovation—faster and better.

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