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Bridging the Black founders venture capital gap

February 16, 2022


In brief

Bridging the Black founders gap

The cost of not acting is far too high

Lack of equality hits the economy

Up to $67B in business opportunities was lost between 2016 and 2020 (based on Accenture’s economic modeling analysis).

Lack of parity hits communities

In 2019, the median wealth in white households was 7.8x that of US Black households.

Lack of diversity hits enterprises

Diverse-led firms financially outperform their counterparts.

Time for a great correction


Close the gap in 30 years, and will take $1.4 trillion.


86 years to close the gap.


110 years before we reach parity.

How to create an even playing field

Investing in a diverse future

Horace Flournoy, co-founder and CEO of SwayBrand

The bottom line

Meet the team

Kathryn Ross

Lead – Global Open Innovation and the Black Founders Development Program

Tom Lounibos

Lead – Global Ventures
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