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Information Security at Accenture

What we do

Technical architecture and security operations

Selects, deploys, and operates security technology for Accenture that monitors and mitigates vulnerabilities and threats.

Risk management

Provides Accenture with tools and processes to minimize risk, quickly and nimbly.

Behavioral change

Creates a security-first mindset among employees through immersive and relatable learning scenarios.

Case studies

Building a culture of cyber security

A changing world of cyber threats leads Accenture to evolve and mature its defenses to fortify the company’s security posture.

Accenture achieves high cyber security ratings

Accenture’s Information Security group implements an engineered process of security hygiene practices to enhance third-party security ratings.

Accenture is certified secure

Accenture maintains certification to ISO 27001:2013 standard and meets/exceeds benchmarks against leading industry controls and frameworks.

Information security client data protection

Accenture’s Information Security Client Data program equips client teams with a standardized approach and the security controls and tools necessary to keep data safe.

Building a security mindset among employees

Accenture's Information Security Behavior Change Team cultivates a smarter security mindset among all employees through innovative learning.

Securing Accenture’s workstation fleet

Accenture innovates an automated solution to keep its fleet of employee laptops and devices safe, compliant and protected at speed and scale.

Information Security Advocate Program

Accenture’s Information Security Advocate program promotes positive security behavior with interactive learning aligned with security risks.

Accenture data loss prevention

Accenture’s Information Security tools and processes monitor and protect sensitive data, while respecting data privacy regulations around the world.

Elevating cloud security

Accenture enhances its information security operations to secure cloud-based data.

Accenture social engineering awareness program

How Accenture's Information Security team uses data-driven intelligence to avoid social engineering scams.

Controlled, secure data access

The size and scope of Accenture's businesses create a unique, complex infrastructure—access is a privilege.

Hear from us

Awards and recognition

Our leaders

Kris Burkhardt

Chief Information Security Officer

John Blasi

Lead – Information Security Technology and Operations

Paul Kunas

Lead – Information Security, Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Steve Zutovsky

Lead – Information Security Change and Deployment