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Join us as we talk with industry innovators about digital strategy, value and implementation to transform business and improve patient centricity.

"Data is the new currency, and many pharma companies are starting to embrace this; data being seen as another important asset for us."

— Venkat Sethuraman, SVP Global Biometrics and Data Science, Bristol Myers Squibb

Data is the new currency for drug development

Episode #8

In this episode Venkat Sethuraman, SVP Global Biometrics and Data Science, Bristol Myers Squibb talks with Tom Lehmann about the critical role of data, design and digital in the future vision for R&D.

Venkat discusses what BMS calls “3D for R&D” and describes how data, design and digital is creating value with patients and stakeholders. 3D for R&D begins with the opportunity for innovation created by the availability and accessibility of data in advancing drug development. Design involves how to use data to better design efficient studies and accelerate our clinical programs, and the third element, digital, is powered by insights and feedback from patients and investigators.

Decentralized methods and the future of clinical research

Episode #7

Host Tom Lehmann talks with Craig Lipset, a long-time advocate and inspiring innovator in the clinical research and medicine development community. Drawing on his role as co-convenor of the Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance (DTRA), a collaboration of over 120 member organizations, Craig discusses DTRA’s ambitions and priorities for bringing greater accessibility to clinical trials and making decentralized clinical research methods the standard for the industry.

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Built for Change a podcast from Accenture

New Science-A new economic reality for growth

In search of the digital thread

Episode #6

In this episode Tom connects with John Kelleher, head of digital quality for Pfizer global supply. John shares a unique perspective on how this organization is connecting learnings and impacts of a digital transformation pilot on the QA side, to the newer, current and more holistic transformation initiatives on the QC side.

John discusses Pfizer’s lab of the future strategy and its focus on improving process and performance through the lens of the talented people who work there. John's experience bridging technology and business process comes to the forefront of this discussion.

The 4 P’s of digital transformation

Episode #5

Remember the 4 P’s of marketing? In this episode, Tom Lehmann talks the 5 P’s of digital transformation – platform, people, process, and proficiency – with seasoned pharma exec Debraj Dasgupta.

The two discuss how the 4 P framework, combined with business strategy, are the building blocks for successful digital transformation. They dig into the enabling role and dependencies of each element and the impact they have collectively on sustainable digital innovation in Pharma.

Don’t miss the section on innovation spurred by startups and what larger pharma organizatiosn can learn from nimble innovators and the role of angle investing. Listen now!

Digital’s positive role in patient health

Episode #4

In this episode our podcast host Tom Lehmann talks health and patient care innovation with Tina Ripperger and Jennifer Spada. This episode focuses on the healthcare disruption we all faced in 2020-21 and the role digital is playing to connect and engage with patients.

They discuss the historic 2020 reset that forced the need for patients to adopt new ways of managing their health and findings from a recent patient services survey Accenture led that gained insights on new trends in care from 12,000 patients around the world.

The three take on how the health experiences have been forever revolutionized and discuss how some of the most successful companies are leading the way to lasting changes that positively impact patient health.

Digital is greater than technology

Episode #3

In this episode Accenture’s Tom Lehmann talks with Guido Radack, Bayer. They discuss Guido’s IT and business experience and his role in helping to shape and drive Bayer's digital strategy for clinical development.

The discussion focuses on Guido’s most recent role in clinical innovation and examines technology investment, decentralized trials, COVID’s role as a catalyst for business change, and digital technologies being a piece of the solution to business challenges.

Digital at the pace of science

Episode #2

In this episode Accenture’s Tom Lehmann talks with Kailash Swarna, Ph.D, MBA, Novo Nordisk. They discuss Kailash’s role in applying a digital transformation mindset to increase patient impact and improve the lives of people with diabetes and metabolic diseases.

The discussion candidly takes on strategy and stakeholders, the pace of technology and science, the dimensions of patient centricity, making value tangible, and future vision.

Driving digital: Which direction should you take?

Episode #1 - Digitalization in Biopharma R&D

In this episode we talk about an industry research study that Accenture conducted on the state of digitalization within Biopharma R&D and compare that to findings of our prior study in 2016. We focus on gathering a view of the progress the industry has made over the past few years and we look at this progress considering the influence and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the substantial investments from global tech giants in artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and other technologies to reshape traditional product development models and the delivery of patient care.

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