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Creating resilience in uncertain times.

The sustainability imperative

As investors demand more environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts and consumers increasingly expect brands to take action, organizations must now demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly in everything they do.

For help, companies and brands are turning to their partners—and to technology. We bring deep experience integrating sustainability into strategy, operating models, processes and technologies to deliver sustainable growth.

Now is the time for business to partner with government and society to reimagine, rebuild and transform our global economy into one that benefits all stakeholders.

Migrating to the sustainable cloud can help companies deliver on their commitments to carbon reduction and responsible innovation.

Rising to the challenge

We work closely with clients and ecosystem partners to help transition industries to low-carbon energy; reduce the carbon footprint of IT, cloud and software; and design and deliver net-zero, circular supply chains.

We help our clients build sustainable operating models for the future by new skilling workforces and developing specific sustainability skills for leaders.

Low Carbon Energy Industry Transitions

Leading the transformation of industries towards sustainable futures.

Green IT, Cloud & Software

Reducing the footprint of IT, cloud and software while unleashing their potential.

Responsible Value Chains

Designing and delivering trusted, net-zero and circular end-to-end value chains.

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Client case studies

COVID-19 has created once-unimaginable challenges—but it also has awakened the world to an incredible opportunity to reimagine and rebuild. We have deep experience helping clients improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, raise the bar on purpose, and embed responsible business—including sustainability—by design.

"Today’s rapid acceleration to digital presents us with a breakthrough opportunity to create a more sustainable future."

— Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer

"I am delighted to be overseeing the integration of sustainability and responsibility into all our client services as well as our operations."

— Peter Lacy, Chief Responsibility Officer and Global Sustainability Services Lead


Accenture sets industry-leading net-zero, waste and water goals

Accenture announces new commitments to sustainability as it moves to embed responsible business practices across every area of the company.

Accenture quantifies green benefits of migration to the cloud

Report from management consultant suggests cloud-based computing could save almost 6 percent of global carbon emissions via environment analyst.

Innovation and collaboration will help build a sustainable future for Scotland

Accenture Strategy’s Peter Lacy to speak at the UN climate conference in Glasgow via The Herald Scotland.

BP Says 2020 Will Mark the End of Growth in Petroleum Demand

Our research outlines $4.5 trillion of new economic growth, to 2030, will come from Circular Economy strategies powered by digital via Forbes.

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As part of its mission, Accenture is elevating the role of sustainability within our company and among our clients. Our Strategy team is a talented collection of thinkers and doers working to change the way the world works and lives.

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