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Making space to grow in consumer goods

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is experiencing the largest channel proliferation and fundamental shift in the relationship between consumers and manufacturers ever. It’s a significant opportunity for CPGs to reinvent their role in the industry.

Digital commerce is becoming simply commerce

Welcome to the new era of commerce

Ninety-four percent of consumers across 13 countries purchase through digital commerce channels today

The future of digital commerce

The future of digital commerce for CPGs

What does this mean for the C‑Suite?


  • What capabilities do we need to drive profitable growth?
  • How do we raise our digital commerce IQ and acquire and retain talent?
  • How do we become a more data driven, systematic and agile organization?


  • What percentage of our customers’ shopping is online—and in which channels?
  • Are we keeping pace with social commerce trends?
  • Do our operating model and roles support our brands’ online presence?


  • Which channels/partners should we prioritize by market?
  • How do we digitize the fragmented trade route to market for growth + efficiency?
  • How do we evolve our RGM strategy to support digital commerce?


  • How do we design our commerce architecture for growth?
  • What delivery model supports our brands’ B2C, B2B and B2B2C needs?
  • How do we build our talent strategy using both internal and partner resources?

What leaders do differently

Own the brand experience in commerce

With commerce being an increasingly critical consumer engagement channel in CPG, the brand experience should be consistent in every relevant channel. Every time.

Build better for the business of commerce

CPGs can make change happen by building the technology foundation to be more data-driven and integrating processes to be more agile.

Become digital on the outside – and the inside

It is key for CPGs to join up Marketing, Sales and Commerce, and the rest of the organization to operate with true agility.

Control your own commerce future

Pinpoint where to play

Avoid the trap of showing up equally in every channel. CPGs should develop their channel strategies to understand the value potential of every channel by category, brand and geography.

Focus end to end

Build engagement and drive conversion by creating commerce capabilities that provide truly seamless omnichannel experiences across channels.

Go with big, bold tech

Develop a unified platform ecosystem that integrates across the value chain to manage the commerce business.

Get rid of guesswork

Build a secure consumer and customer data foundation to access data insights that drive performance and optimize investments.

Unravel complexity

Establish operations that manage the complexity of execution across multiple channels and respond in real-time to changing market dynamics.

Supercharge operations

Redesign the operating model to enable seamless consumer and customer journeys.

Meet the team

Oliver Wright

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Nevine El-Warraky

Global Lead, Industry & Customer Growth Strategy

Kaus Rajnish

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Consumer Goods & Services

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