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Forge the link between tech investment and business value

May 20, 2023 5-MINUTE READ

Research Report

In brief

The CIO takes the spotlight

How to collaborate to get more value from tech

CIOs can rise to the challenge of helping to shape and lead an enterprise-wide strategy that gives a company’s business, technology and financial teams a shared understanding of how to set, measure and deliver value from technology.

Five actions to respond to the now

1. Rethink the operating model

Go beyond Agile to rework team structures

2. Optimize cloud costs with FinOps

Collaborate across the company on data-driven spending decisions

3. Make SaaS a competitive sport

Explore what suppliers can deliver for you

4. Modernize the architecture

Turn a major multi-year engagement into a lighter daily task

5. Break the traditional finance cycle

Match how you distribute your money to how you run and innovate your products


Jason Byrd

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory

David Quinney

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory, UK and Ireland