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Creating confident leadership

Recognition and rewards through MD Success

2–minute read

In alignment with delivering 360˚ value to our company, people, and clients, Accenture evolved how we recognize and reward our leaders with a program called MD Success. We wanted to examine the full, unique contributions of our managing directors and senior managing directors, from their financial impact to their ability to develop client relationships to their role in our overall culture. This is how MD Success is strengthening our leaders today and fostering a new generation of leaders for tomorrow.

We convened small groups of 5-10 leaders for two-hour discussions using our proprietary Watercooler Dialogue Experience which leverages visuals, data, open-ended questions, and elements of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to advance and enhance conversations. First, leaders participated in a Watercooler Dialogue Experience, a casual, open dialogue about what works at Accenture and what doesn’t. The experience empowered our leaders to candidly discuss pain points in a constructive manner and align on a collective starting point. Then, leaders used our Learning Map to discuss ways to create a more people-centric Accenture and how they can personally support the transformation.

MD Success is strengthening our leaders today and fostering a new generation of leaders for tomorrow.

Accenture then set a regular cadence to discuss these priorities with leaders that went beyond standard performance reviews. Through quarterly career conversations, leaders were encouraged to engage in ongoing reflection on their priorities and impact ― including formal documentation of reflection at year-end, where people leads and additional reviewers would also reflect on leaders’ behavior and collaboration. All these inputs created personalized, data-driven insights to inform talent and rewards discussions, creating a consistent framework for discussion using a new tool developed by Accenture Technology. Because talent discussions became more transparent, leaders and reviewers alike were more accountable and ultimately more successful. Targeted trainings, educational guides, and in-tool support enhanced and guided the new experience.

MD Success was rolled out to all company leaders, 81% of whom say the program is an improvement over past approaches. Additionally, MD Success received a “Gold” designation in the 2023 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management Excellence Awards. With a strong, well-received program in place, we have ensured that leaders across our organization are aligned on their priorities and clear on their focus. That way, leaders can be confident that recognition and rewards reflect their full contribution and impact.