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Reinventing the way we lead and work together to maximize human potential, build inclusive cultures, and drive lasting behavior change.

Great leadership and culture matter

The urgency of the climate change crisis, growing social movements and the pandemic, are transforming how we operate and do business. People have new expectations of employers and customers are increasingly making buying decisions based on their values.

To succeed, leaders need to lead in an entirely new way and corporate culture needs to change.

Leadership and culture can accelerate or hinder business success. Our ways of being, seeing and doing can create energy, focus and capacity for us to adapt, unite our strengths, help us recover from losses, and enable us to celebrate victories together. Or they break us down, sapping our energy and leaving us to focus on individual performance to our collective detriment.

We’re here to start a movement to accelerate growth by shifting habits and behaviors, reigniting innovation, building greater trust and transparency, and fueling your people to meet the future with excitement, and resilience, together.

"We need to create new ways of working that reflect the changing world outside and inside our organizations, and enable us to respond to the unexpected opportunity or threat with speed and accuracy."

— Simon Hayward, Managing Director – Leadership & Culture, Lead

Accenture Acquires Leadership Firm YSC Consulting

Enhancing C-Suite and board transformations


We believe that storytelling, psychological safety and experimentation are the three key unlocks to any leadership and culture journey.

We focus on the whole person, bringing the very best innovative experiences and data-led, insight-driven interventions to help you crack your knottiest challenges and leave your people and your business Net Better Off.

Leadership & culture strategy

Working with you through diagnosis and design to unlock potential and prepare your organization for the future in a hypercompetitive world.

Leadership assessment

Assessing and benchmarking future-relevant capability through analytics and psychological assessment for successful leader selection and development.

Culture activation

Using data and insights to experiment and drive behavior changes, to drive growth and build human-centric organisations which are adaptive and customer-focused.

Leadership development

Changing behavior and developing the capabilities of managers, leaders and teams to become more purposeful, connected, responsible and agile through insight, learning and experimentation.

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By the numbers


more likely to report 5-10% revenue growth over next 12 months when CEOs hold themselves and their teams accountable for leaving people net better off.

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