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Get the most out of cloud: Optimize your IT

December 07, 2020


In brief

Break with tradition to get value from cloud

Whatever type of cloud environment you choose, the responsibility of managing your IT still falls to you, not the cloud provider.

A new IT paradigm: Five questions to ask

Optimizing for new heights

The power of FinOps transparency

Watching out for the wider technology estate


Huge volumes of data are hard to move. Cloud data management means considering options like bringing compute to the data or creating smart extracts.


Enterprises need to consider how to manage minimizing latency and maximizing compute performance at the network edge.


Cloud providers are rapidly expanding their networking offerings, with each featuring dozens of services including routing, switching and more.

Machine learning

Cloud providers also offer machine learning services that deliver insights in areas like customer segmentation and supply chain optimization.

Running different in the cloud

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