Digital agriculture: improving profitability

Accenture Digital Agriculture Service and Connected Crop Solution help the agriculture ecosystem fulfill its potential.


Digital technologies and analytics are transforming agriculture, making a farm’s field operations more insight driven and efficient. Digital-based farm services are helping to improve financial performance and boost yield.

But less than 20 percent of acreage today is managed using digital agriculture technologies (e.g., variable-rate spraying) due to the high cost of gathering precise field data.

To help farmers increase productivity and profitability, Accenture has combined digital technologies such as the Internet of Things with its big data analytics, visualization capabilities, and industry knowledge to create the Accenture Precision Agriculture Service and the Accenture Connected Crop Solution.

Learn more about these two innovative Digital Agriculture solutions below.



An innovative approach to the farm yield challenge

Improving yield is an age-old challenge for farms and always will be. The Accenture Digital Agriculture Service and the Accenture Connected Crop Solution can help large and small farms alike harness digital technologies to improve processes, boost their yield, and increase profitability, helping to meet the growing global food demand and lowering the overall environmental impact of farming.

For more information on Accenture Digital Agriculture solutions, download the PDF or contact:

Ankur Mathur, North America Digital Mobility Delivery Lead
Ben Salama, Digital Connected Operations Internet of Things (IoT) Lead
Eduardo Barros, Global Products Agri-business Lead
Jennifer Helle, Global Resources Agri-business Lead