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Building for the future: creating intelligent workplaces

Lendlease Group uses Data & AI to help digitize the real estate market


A digital approach to global real estate

Lendlease Group, a global real estate company valued at approximately $6 billion, could see the industry evolving quickly and wanted to act fast. Aside from increasing numbers of companies offering a hybrid environment and the uplift in demand for virtual working, the challenge of persistent global inflation and the urgency to manage sustainability are reshaping how organizations manage their real estate portfolios.

Lendlease created Lendlease Digital to explore how key technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud and Internet of Things, could address these challenges. Lendlease Digital joined forces with Accenture to inject advanced thinking into the design and accelerate the go-to-market for a new insights product that could make the vision to digitize the real estate sector a reality.

Our digital-first business creates new market opportunities, delivers real value to the communities we serve and allows, through leadership, a total industry change.

William Ruh / CEO, Lendlease Digital

Connected, intelligent buildings

Lendlease Digital and Accenture launched Podium Property Insights (PPI) to provide an agile approach to property management.

PPI is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that uses digital twins, data, analytics and AI to enable connected, intelligent buildings. The decision to release PPI as the first of Lendlease’s Podium Suites was influenced largely by the monumental shift in the corporate real estate market. Podium Property Insights for Workplace, built specifically for corporate real estate, aggregates data captured throughout a building and generates customizable, real-time dashboards and reports using AI so that workplace managers can visualize and dynamically manage the best workplace for their people.

Earning the commute

PPI is already helping Lendlease, Accenture—and their clients—gain critical insights into their office spaces. The new platform is proving invaluable to gaining actionable insights—especially towards enhancing employee experience and engagement, driving sustainability and optimizing spaces. For example, the platform can predict the number of attendees in the coming week, allowing workplace managers to better plan cleaning schedules, supplies in communal kitchens or front and back-office staffing. Over a longer period, users can fine-tune operations based on demand, make space planning decisions and have better information to make informed decisions about long-term leasing arrangements. Ultimately, this active, smart monitoring uses data and analytics to enable better working conditions for employees, while improving office space usage and environmental impacts. 

How PPI helps shape great workplaces

Boosts employee engagement

PPI is proving invaluable to gaining useful insights into how employees are using spaces, and their satisfaction and sentiment about the environment.

Optimizes space

PPI can predict numbers of attendees the following week, allowing managers to better plan cleaning schedules or front and back-office staffing.

Drives sustainability

Corporate reports relating to environmental, social and governance initiatives are also made more impactful through insights.

Podcast with The Economist

Listen to this insightful discussion where a journalist from The Economist chats to Lendlease’s Bill Ruh & Accenture’s Amit Bansal about transforming the future of property and real estate, and how digitization is enabling reinvention of a vital sector.