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Case Study

MONETA Money Bank: Taking the digital lead

MONETA Money Bank transitions to a new, secure cloud-based infrastructure, setting the stage for sustainable growth.

Call for change

MONETA Money Bank

When tech meets human ingenuity

Accenture assisted with AWS solution deployment

We helped design and the deploy the AWS environment before guiding the migration of 200 of the bank’s applications. Our experience with large-scale migrations, cloud migration tools and capabilities, along with our long-standing partnership with AWS, provided MONETA with the desired experience and knowledge.

We assessed all migration risks

MONETA tapped Accenture cloud experts and resources from the Accenture AWS Business Group. A joint MONETA/Accenture team assessed the risks of migration to plan for a quick, seamless and efficient deployment. Regulatory risks were given special consideration, and all cloud-related regulations were followed.

We reviewed the relevant applications

In total, two hundred applications were reviewed and prioritized. We reviewed the servers they ran on, their architecture, the characteristics of related workloads, and the computing capacity each application consumed.

We guided the first wave of applications

The first wave included 20 high-priority applications, such as one for getting cash to ATMS. The whole migration took less than five months, with no disruption to services. As we strategized with MONETA, we brought our deep IT skills, unrivalled industry experience and strong reputation for financial institution IT transformation to the table.

A valuable difference

MONETA can now innovate quicker, with a flexible and secure infrastructure that supports the growth of its services. The bank’s developers are more agile and can develop new products and services as needed.

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