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March 05, 2016
Day 5: Talk yourself up - think about your achievements
By: Nicola Campbell

Sometimes when you’re put on the spot and asked about your best achievements they might not pop in to your mind straight away. But it’s amazing how many little wins each person has had throughout their school and uni years – whether it’s sporting, recreation, academic or community work.

Or maybe you do remember some achievements but can’t see how they would be relevant to your career.

Here are some steps to help you remember your achievements and put them in to career context.

  1. Go through each year and think about what you did that year. Going through your activities in chronological order can help jog your memory of what you did each summer break, exams, extra curricular activity, part-time jobs, uni placements, community projects, mini business ventures, overseas trips etc.

  2. Write down everything. Even small achievements, write them all down. You can chop them later.

  3. Ask your friends and family – what do you think my best strengths are? Sometimes other people can easily identify your strengths, even if you have not yet recognised or identified them.

  4. Once you have written down all your achievements – now you can put them into categories to show how you have demonstrated some of the key characteristics employers value: Problem solving, leadership, initiative, teamwork, communication skills, technical ability or analytical skills.

  5. The trick is to demonstrate you have the above skills through your activities. Were you the team leader on a class project? Did you work out a way to raise funding for a uni activity? Try and communicate clearly how you have some of these skills.

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