Platform integrity

Ensuring the trust, security and global compliance required across the complex platform landscape.


Learn why Platforms need to build trust to thrive.

Platform integrity matters more than ever

Platform integrity now covers a wide range of privacy and security issues, from regulatory oversight to preventing inappropriate user content. Platform integrity goes well beyond compliance is becoming a powerful source of differentiation.

Operating within a complex and rapidly changing digital landscape requires responsive, dynamically evolving controls, processes and technologies to maintain trust.

Learn what areas of your platform may be at risk

To help assess at-risk platform functions, we created a diagnostic tool to easily identify areas for improvement. 


Integrity is the platform differentiator

Platforms face new risks and hidden threats every day. Responsible data use, privacy, fraud prevention and stopping abuse are all core business imperatives, and every leading platforms’ competitive advantage depends on meeting these objectives.

Trusted operations

A complex digital landscape demands a coordinated approach to embed trust, security and global compliance across a platform’s operations.

Elevated integrity

In the face of rising scrutiny from consumers, media and regulators, platform companies must make integrity a critical business imperative.

Innovative approach

Platforms can build integrity in their organization and core operations by bringing together leading technologies and human ingenuity.

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How we can help

Accenture provides a range of services to help clients deploy security, privacy, compliance, data protection and fraud mitigation strategies on their platforms.

Platform security

Establish security architecture, tools and processes that ensure the security of the platform.

  • Identity & account authenticity
  • Product security
  • Customer agency
  • Shopping & payment compliance and fraud

Trust & safety

Create, maintain and grow trusted platforms for users, partners, regulators, governments and society.

  • User generated content moderation
  • Advertising review
  • Digital media & rights/intellectual property
  • App & developer compliance
  • Law enforcement & response

Operational integrity

Optimize operations and processes to drive integrity across the organization.

  • Policy refinement & management
  • Platform data operations
  • Process & automation
  • Responsible business
  • Operational resilience

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Listen to our podcast series: On the Platform

Integrity is precious. In fact, it’s the foundation of the entire digital economy. And wherever customers interact with their platforms, companies have the opportunity to validate or reward trust—or to violate and destroy it.

Where every customer is concerned, platform companies must view integrity as a personalized, one-on-one relationship. Getting it right brings real economic benefit and growth through network effects. But failing to meet expectations risks valuable customers switching to rival platforms and taking their data with them.

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Accenture On the Platform

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Northeastern researchers team up with Accenture to offer a roadmap for Artificial Intelligence ethics oversight

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