New paths to growth

Moving beyond business continuity has never been more important. To outmaneuver uncertainty, organizations need to be able to evaluate their performance against internal and external benchmarks and act on the insights to drive efficiency and accelerate business growth.

Organizations that are more data-driven, AI-powered and digital can work smarter, scale faster, be more productive and stimulate new value across the enterprise. SynOps introduces human+machine innovation to fast track intelligent operations and help organizations perform on their best day, every day.

What SynOps brings

SynOps draws on innovative digital technologies, processes and industry expertise from multiple sources to:

Deliver insights

Take advantage of +25 years of Accenture industry and business process expertise to improve the quality and speed of decisions and realize new value.

Create value

Identify risk in real time to intelligently reallocate work, boost the health of the workforce, and deliver sustainable business operations.

Orchestrate work​

Use advanced data tools to identify transactional tasks that can be performed by software bots, freeing up talented people for more critical thinking.

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Case studies

The SynOps platform has already helped leading global organizations:

A global hotel chain used AI and machine learning to cut its financial transaction processing times in half.

A beauty multinational radically streamlined its purchasing and saved US$50 million in operating costs.

A North American retailer used intelligent automation, data and analytics to tune its supply chain.

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A virtual visit

Step inside one of our Intelligent Operations Centers by taking a 360° virtual reality tour. See our people working in innovative spaces, maintaining streamlined operations and delivering enhanced business outcomes.

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