Call for change

Following rapid business expansion, one large retailer’s talent and HR operations had become inefficient. Against a backdrop of rising competition and intense consumer demands, manual processes had become costly, time-consuming and complex to manage. What’s more, employee satisfaction rates were low.

The emergence of COVID-19 intensified these challenges. The retailer needed to act quickly to cope with rapidly changing circumstances that were impacting employee welfare and productivity, and ultimately its end customers. The retailer saw an opportunity to improve its talent and HR operations, strengthen the employee experience, and make its business more resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Focusing on the employee experience helped a leading retailer reinvent its talent and HR operations, unlock savings and reinvest in business growth.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Together, the retailer and Accenture designed a strategy that would draw on SynOps, the optimal combination of human + machine innovation powered by data-driven insights.

Using SynOps to power performance

The team integrated data to benchmark the company’s performance against a process maturity framework, which provided the blueprint for success.

Optimize with automation and cloud technology

An omni-channel contact center was set up with an interactive app and self-service options to manage employee inquiries and streamline HR processes.

Predictive analytics improves demand planning

Forecasting analytics provide insights on seasonal requirements and employee needs to allocate resources more effectively.

Automated pay calculations

With Covid-19 and new variables such as furlough and sick pay, the retailer improved pay accuracy and accelerated processing within one business day.

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A valuable difference

Thanks to intelligent talent and HR operations, the retailer is enjoying greater productivity and efficiency gains. Using a combination of data-driven insights, analytics, cloud-based applications and automation, significant cost savings have been achieved. The company can reinvest in growth initiatives to propel the business forward in a challenging climate.

With automation, the number of HR professionals doing routine tasks has decreased in favor of agile and digital working.

Employee call volumes have dropped due to integrated case management systems such as the omni-channel platform for employee inquiries, self-service adoption, and better informed agents.

The cloud-based interactive virtual response app has significantly streamlined the number of employee touch points and the number of redirects by almost half.

Meeting employees on their terms has worked wonders. Employees have a choice of digital or in-person services. Employee satisfaction has soared from average to excellent and is still climbing.

Payroll accuracy is at almost 100%, saving millions of US dollars to date. It also means employees don’t have to worry about errors in their salaries or benefit calculations.

Other initiatives have enhanced efficiency and saved over half a million dollars by delivering insights into employee needs and seasonal requirements and making demand planning more accurate.

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