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Turbocharging industrial speed to market

July 26, 2022 10-MINUTE READ


In brief

Time based competition

Idea to Product

Includes all steps from idea generation, concept planning and prototyping, testing, design validation and requirement development to prepare for the start of production.

Plan to Produce

Includes production planning, production scheduling and production execution (i.e., manufacturing operations).

Demand to Deliver

Includes all steps from demand and sales planning, to order intake and scheduling, to final distribution and installation and commissioning at the client.

The Speedster advantage

Degree of technology leverage (in%) to achieve time reductions between 2016 and 2021.

In essence, the more effectively an IE has leveraged technology, the more successful it has been in compressing time to market and improving financial performance.

Assessing performance in the three key processes

1. Idea to Product

Over the past five years, Speedsters reduced "idea to product" time by 9.5% annually, compared to 6.6% for Accelerators and 4.5% for Starters.

2. Plan to Produce

Speedsters have reduced time over the past five years by 10.4% annually, compared to 7.5% for Accelerators and 4.9% for Starters.

3. Demand to Deliver

Speedsters have reduced their Demand to Deliver time by about 10.9% annually.

Building the foundation for speed to market

Scott Ellsworth

Managing Director – Industry X, Engineering & Manufacturing Lead, Midwest

James Sourges

Managing Director – Industrial & Mobility Integrated Platform Lead


Matthias Wahrendorff

Senior Thought Leadership Principal – Accenture Research, Global IIoT and Industrial Research Lead

Andreas Egetenmeyer

Associate Manager – Industrial Research

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