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Case Study

Playing a starring role in the 5-star experience

Radisson digitally enables operations to lower costs and improve services for franchisees and owners.


Digitally enabled operations

Strategy and solution

Standardization and alignment

Development, legal, operations and global sales processes were standardized and aligned to the new Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Streamlined processes

The team consolidated processes and data from these business functions onto the platform.

One portal for owners and franchisees

A new portal helps owners and franchisees manage their properties, from onboarding and beyond.

Integration with three third-party solutions

We integrated solutions to manage business processes, enabling electronic signatures, project management workflows and automated document generation.

Global rollout

We rolled out the cloud-based platform and mobile app to more than 1,000 Radisson properties globally.

Continuous delivery

The solution was delivered within 10 months across four major releases, demonstrating our ability to continuously deliver value at scale and speed.

Conducting business in real time


Lower costs

Lower overall administrative costs in doing business.

Streamlined processes

Consistently and rapidly close deals for new or renewed properties in a more streamlined manner.

Shorter time to market

Go to market faster for meeting and event sales.

Greater visibility

Drive greater visibility and accountability for business development and sales teams to support decision-making.

Consistent contact

More consistently interface with franchisees, owners and customers and maintain brand standards to ensure superior brand experience and foster loyalty.

More effective analysis

Standardize the way they categorize opportunities across the globe, allowing leadership to more effectively analyze the pipeline.

Single sales process

Improve operations through a single sales process, better reporting and team incentivization.

Unlocking more opportunities than ever

The brand of choice


The portal provides a more compelling, personalized experience for owners and franchisees.


Transparent global sales and owner management processes build trust.


Automation decreases the time needed to draft legal documents and execute agreements.

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