Rail and transit

We help rail and transit companies transform their operations through digital platforms, data-driven insights and a reimagined customer experience.

Navigating the human & business impact of Covid-19

Turn massive challenges into meaningful change

Transport in transition

From intermodal freight lines for free-flowing global trade to busy urban transit systems that keep cities moving, transport is in transition. Market volatility is creating rapid swings in volume and the business mix. Boundaries are blurring, and competition is fierce.

Liberalization is opening up markets to new entrants, with alternatives like independent buses, low-cost airlines and carpool services, with self-driving vehicles in hot pursuit. With significant investment in infrastructure for many public transit agencies, the pressure’s on to control capacity and optimize revenue.

New entrants often have disproportionately lower start-up and operating costs, more labor flexibility and fewer constraints than public or government backed organizations. And new analytically driven entrants are changing industry dynamics and raising customer expectations. To compete, rail and transit companies must reinvent. FAST.

What we do

We help Rail and Transit companies to transform their operations and apply the NEW through digital platforms, data-driven insights and reimagined customer experience .

Security—building cyber resilience

Delivering advanced security solutions and managed security services to safeguard complex rail and transit critical infrastructures, end-to-end.

Analytics—planning & foresight:

Applied intelligence and human ingenuity for business value and enhanced decision making (e.g., big data platform, dynamic planning, video analytics).

Enterprise asset management

Enabling rail, transit and transport organizations to tackle their biggest asset and technology challenges to drive more value from enterprise assets.

Accenture Mobility X

A new market space generated by the combination of new technology and new user needs. End-to-end services targeting consumers desire for mobility.

Future of fare payments

Prepare rail and transit clients for integrated Mobility-as-a-Service platforms.


We help toll operators transform their operations through state-of-the-art back-office systems, digital platforms and a reimagined mobility experience. Learn more.

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Case study

We helped Metro de Madrid develop and implement a self-learning AI-based ventilation system that minimizes energy costs and keeps commuters cool.

SAP S/4HANA implementation helps ProRail bring its financial and procurement processes into line.

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