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Accenture + Ripjar = real value at scale

Global Threat Detection Technology

Fighting financial crime can be a costly endeavor


Between $800 billion and $2 trillion is laundered annually, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.2


Financial firms are spending an average of $60 million annually to meet AML requirements and prevent crime. Larger firms spend up to $500M to comply with AML, KYC and CDD.3


The past decade has seen a collective $26 billion in fines imposed on financial firms for AML and KYC non-compliance. That number is rising.4

How can Accenture and Ripjar help you fight financial crime?

Save time and money fighting financial crime

Identify, monitor and mitigate financial crime risk

Client onboarding

Conduct historic screening of a new client across millions of data items to feed into their risk score.

Client monitoring

Screen millions of clients across billions of data items for sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons and Adverse Media in real time.

Threat investigations

Connect the dots via an all-source investigations tool for exploring screening results.

What we think

Third-party data providers: To know your client

Accenture can help identify the "right" data provider to transform customer relationships.

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