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Getting started with a Growth Team

September 10, 2021

Optimize for the long term

How to build your Growth Team

1. Evaluate your company’s market position

The first step is to ensure that your offering has a strong product/market fit.

2. Identify your team’s goals

Provide a platform for success.

3. It all starts with your Growth Lead

Building the right team with the right characteristics is vital.

4. Build out your team

It’s important to focus initially on a small team to spearhead a growth initiative, then build out from there.

5. Determine the appropriate team structure

Leaders often choose from three different Growth Team models: functional, independent, and hybrid.

6. Get to work: hypothesize, test, iterate, repeat

A Growth Team is a tool that hypergrowth companies have successfully used to target, capture, and exploit growth.

Managing Director – Corporate Strategy, Global

Kevan Yalowitz

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Global Lead

Kevan helps industry leaders identify, assess and capture growth opportunities at the intersection of business and technology.

Scott Bowden

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, North America Lead

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