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How to reinvent products and operations in CPG

November 04, 2020


In brief

Leaders are


more likely to report revenue growth of 30+%


more likely to report increased profits of 30+%

3 steps to help drive profitable growth

Leaders pursuing Industry X strategies


more likely to have shifted to selling connected products and services than peers


expected revenue growth from connected products and services in the next 3 years

How to get started

Higher growth potential

Companies need to broaden their focus from products to connected services. They need data-led insights to understand changing demand across existing and new channels. With re-engineered, segmented manufacturing and operations, CPGs can accelerate introduction of new products and services.

Greater profitability

Fit-for-purpose operations help CPGs meet consumers’ current needs as well as more quickly adapt to future demand and to supply volatility. Take an integrated approach to growth, price and cost optimization to protect and expand margins—then reinvest funds into future growth.

Increased trust

Leaders leverage the new adaptable operations ecosystems to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable offerings portfolio. Highly integrated and connected value chains provide CPGs the visibility needed to minimize waste and provide more transparency to consumers.

Meet the team

Russell Rasmus

Managing Director – Strategy, Industry X Lead

Michele Barone

Senior Manager – Consumer Goods & Services


Director – Offering Development, Industry X
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